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New restaurant or menu discovery, after all ‘We are what we eat!’ sometimes I will also share not-new-but-worth-to-mention places.

Funky Tshirts and Knick Knacks at Kedai Kebun Cafe

Another funky destination to visit  in Jogja to have some snacks and get some local artist-made clothing is Kedai Kebun Cafe. Grab some Tshirts for souvenirs (or for yourself), each has quirky designs with affordable prices! They also sell handmade toys and knick-knacks.

Kedai Kebun Cafe

3 Jalan Tirtodipuran

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Jogja Batik bookmarks and journals

One thing I always look for when traveling abroad is… bookmarks! Especially the handmade ones… On a recent trip to Jogja, I found these wonderful batik handmade stationeries at Viavia Traveller’s cafe, adjacent to the restaurant. These bookmarks only cost 5.000rupiahs each, around 60cents! and the handmade journal is around 10.000-30.000rupiahs each (USD 1-USD3.50)

batik bookmark

batik journal

handmade plush keychain

Viavia Traveler’s Cafe

Jl. Prawirotaman 30 Jogjakarta Indonesia

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Penang’s Addresses to Check Out

Some interesting places in Penang that caught my attention from Destinasian Jul11 edition:

1. Kopi Cine
55 Stewart Lane
An inviting open air cafe to enjoy freshly baked meat pies, bbq chicken and salad.

2. Ecco
402 Chulia St (next to Kopi Cine)
For homemade pasta, rustic country style pizza.

3. That Little Wine Bar
54 Chow Thye Rd
Located in a 1930 duplex, get a bottle of wine to pair with tapas.

Arts and Shops:
1. Fuan Wong Gallery
88 Armenian St
For stained and fused glass work, photographer’s work, molded and hand beaten jewelry.

2. Entrepot
Transfer Rd
A gift shop in Hotel Penaga that carries assorted knick knacks

3. Kedai Antik
Chulia St No. 443
A shoe box sized store with many treasures

4. Studio at Straits
86 Armenian St, upstair from Bon Ton
New works by Malaysian artists

5. Gallery 29
29 China St
On the ground floor of an Art Deco building.

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Good things are hard to find (and pronounce), like Lagkagehuset

Lagkagehuset / Frederiksborggade 6/ Kobenhavn

When you found a review that says ‘best bakery in town for sandwich and cake’ sometimes it won’t be harm to believe it and judge it yourself. Just like what I did in Lagkagehuset, which on any given day, you will never able to find if not on purpose. Located inside the Copenhagen Tourist Office across the famous Tivoli park, the café doesn’t seem like a destination for a bite of sweet. Even the seating are limited, only a narrow table filled with people reading newspaper and enjoying min-afternoon snack. One tip of advice, don’t bother with your dictionary to translate the meaning of the cakes; Christiamshavnerkage, Kanel crème or Chokoladekage, go with your guts and choose anything that make your mouth waters. Although the price doesn’t come cheap, around DKR 25-DKR 64 per cake, but the taste of the cakes won’t fail to impress you.

Don't bother trying to pronounce the names, just choose the eye-catching one!

Very tiny cakeshop with big (mouthwatering) selections

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rebirth of natakata

Welcome back, creative world…

Breathing a new life into natakata…. As much as I love to dedicate this blog for literature, but I have decided to journal my other interests that have been keeping me busy. For easier navigation, here’s what you can find from each menu:

-Books: book reviews, bookshops visit (my fave part!), inspiring paragraphs, eye-catching stationeries

-Sculpture: As a beginner in sculpting, i will record my journey here, along with inspiring sculpture from all around the world, museum and exhibition visit.

-Retails: Shops that I admire not only for their collections, but also from their interiors and window displays.

-Eatery: Since I have the habit of scouting new restaurants, why not share them with you all =). Besides new places, I will also post some of my fave places that are worth to try.

For those of you who has been following the previous natakata journey, welcome back, I promise I won’t disappoint you again with lack of entries =)… That’s why don’t be shy, show some love, drop me a note, encourage me to write on.

Until then, enjoy. Be inspired.


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Every restaurant is a theatre..

“Every restaurant is a theatre, and the truly great ones allow us to indulge in the fantasy that we are rich and powerful. Even the modest restaurants offer the opportunity to become someone else, at least for a little while. Restaurants free us from mundane reality; that is part of their charm. When you walk through the door, you are entering neutral territory where you are free to be whoever you choose for the duration of the meal.”

Garlic and Sapphires- Ruth Reichl

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