Penang’s Addresses to Check Out

Some interesting places in Penang that caught my attention from Destinasian Jul11 edition:

1. Kopi Cine
55 Stewart Lane
An inviting open air cafe to enjoy freshly baked meat pies, bbq chicken and salad.

2. Ecco
402 Chulia St (next to Kopi Cine)
For homemade pasta, rustic country style pizza.

3. That Little Wine Bar
54 Chow Thye Rd
Located in a 1930 duplex, get a bottle of wine to pair with tapas.

Arts and Shops:
1. Fuan Wong Gallery
88 Armenian St
For stained and fused glass work, photographer’s work, molded and hand beaten jewelry.

2. Entrepot
Transfer Rd
A gift shop in Hotel Penaga that carries assorted knick knacks

3. Kedai Antik
Chulia St No. 443
A shoe box sized store with many treasures

4. Studio at Straits
86 Armenian St, upstair from Bon Ton
New works by Malaysian artists

5. Gallery 29
29 China St
On the ground floor of an Art Deco building.


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