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Copenhagen bookstore jaunt-Boghandel Books and Museum Shop

Not just an ordinary giftshop housed in a museum, this is actually a branch of the Arnold Busck bookstore (which I have posted earlier here). With all white interior and statue decoration, this bookstore is very modern and chic, not to mention the collections! Well-stocked collection of Danish and foreign books, periodical arts, artists and histories, including the museum’s catalogs. This is also a nice place to get artsy souvenirs; from postcards, painting supplies, art books for children. The Statens Museum for Kunst itself is also very beautiful, I will post the detail trip on a separate post. Therefore, don’t forget to spare at least half day when visiting this place!

Arnold Busck bookstore in Statens Museum

Arnold Busck

Statens Museum for Kunst
Sølvgade 48-50
DK-1307 København K

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Copenhagen bookstore jaunt

Before exploring the independent bookstores, usually I like to start by visiting the biggest and most popular ones, just to get a glimpse on the popular titles at the current moment. My first visit was Arnold Busck, located in Købmagergade, a side street to Strøget, the most populat tourist area. This bookstore has an American bookstore feel, with wood and green interior and signage, similar to Borders and Starbuck’s. Therefore I only spent a few minutes here, browsing all 3 floors within 10 minutes. There is a small cafe, Baresso by the corner, where customers can sit facing the window, enjoying their books and people-watch.

The Bookshop is located in a 3 floor building and it has been a central part of the city atmosphere since the beginning of the 1900s. Here, you can find a great assortment of books on arts, architecture and photography, interesting books on food and wine, as well as children’s books, audio books, tourist guides and maps. You will also find a wide range of literature in the Danish language as well as English and many many other. Also, there is a famous coffee bar called Baresso on the second floor of the building.

I wish to be the girl who sit by the window sill, watching the passerby while reading and sipping coffee on such a glorious sunny day

Købmagergade 49
1150 København K
33 73 35 00
Mon-Thur 10-18 Fri 10-19 Sat 10-16

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F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby movie – 3D version

I think I will have the greatest birthday gift on June 2012, as it will be the release date of one of the greatest novel in history, F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby. Wonderful choice of casts too, I can’t believe it has so many of my fave actors, from Leonardo Di Caprio as the charming Jay Gatsby ( who else with such persona to play as a young, mysterious millionaire?), the darling beauty with a wit Isla Fisher as Myrthe Wilson, Tobey Maguire as Nick Carraway and….. ( I really didn’t expect she would be the chosen one) the cute, smart, hypnotizing Carey Mulligan as Daisy Buchanan! She is the reason why I watched ‘An Education’ more than three times… Doesn’t she look like someone who stepped out directly from 1920s era ?
The movie itself will have a setting in Australia, and rumoured to be in 3D. I can’t really imagine how a 1920s era movies will turn out in 3D though..but we’ll see. In the meantime, I think I will re-read the novel and play these images in my head =).

The filming, we’ll see the remake of these:

By these new casts =) :


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So you wanna be a writer? Then live first, write later.

“Life itself is the determining factor.

Writing is the fruit of life.

Life isn’t the fruit of writing.

A great writer doesn’t try to find something to write about, he only writes when he has to.

Many people lacked something as fundamental as experience of life. It’s post-modern misconception that you can write first and live later. But many young people want to become writers mainly because they want to live like writers. You must live first, and then decide if you have something to say afterwards.”

Although this is a fictional book, but I learned so much about writing from the author. Here are some other helpful notes:

1. Don’t hurry doing your writings

2. Be a good craftsmen and wordsmiths.

3. Have the serenity of mind to sit down and work on a single novel or two, in three or even four years, with great pleasures and enjoyment.

4. Loves to embroidery with language, doing intimate character descriptions and dwelling on all the characters’ sensual perceptions.

Book: The Ringmaster’s Daughter

Author: Jostein Gaarder


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Book quote- lesson in life

“For he had learned some of the things that every man must find out for himself-and he had found out about them as one has to find out-through error and trial, through fantasy and illusion, through falsehood and his own damn foolishness, through being mistaken and wrong and idiot and egotistical and aspiring and hopeful and believing and confused…”

Book: You can’t go home again
Author: Thomas Wolfe

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Jogja Batik bookmarks and journals

One thing I always look for when traveling abroad is… bookmarks! Especially the handmade ones… On a recent trip to Jogja, I found these wonderful batik handmade stationeries at Viavia Traveller’s cafe, adjacent to the restaurant. These bookmarks only cost 5.000rupiahs each, around 60cents! and the handmade journal is around 10.000-30.000rupiahs each (USD 1-USD3.50)

batik bookmark

batik journal

handmade plush keychain

Viavia Traveler’s Cafe

Jl. Prawirotaman 30 Jogjakarta Indonesia

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Easy DIY feather pen

This DIY feather pen project from my fave blog, Design Sponge is just awesome!! And it is surprisingly easy to make, just follow the instruction here. I think it’ll make a pretty gift inserted in birthday cards or even christmas cards!

What you’ll need is only:

  • computer and printer
  • paper and envelopes
  • feathers
  • short pen ink refills
  • RIT dye
  • scissors

DIY feather pen





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