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You are not a gadget

You Are Not a GadgetYou Are Not a Gadget by Jaron Lanier

Love the title… a great reminder of why we should be able to detach ourselves from technologies once in a while. Just like a book which can be worn out, dusty or even torn, humanity is a fragile soul that can’t be replace by any man-mad machine.

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rebirth of natakata

Welcome back, creative world…

Breathing a new life into natakata…. As much as I love to dedicate this blog for literature, but I have decided to journal my other interests that have been keeping me busy. For easier navigation, here’s what you can find from each menu:

-Books: book reviews, bookshops visit (my fave part!), inspiring paragraphs, eye-catching stationeries

-Sculpture: As a beginner in sculpting, i will record my journey here, along with inspiring sculpture from all around the world, museum and exhibition visit.

-Retails: Shops that I admire not only for their collections, but also from their interiors and window displays.

-Eatery: Since I have the habit of scouting new restaurants, why not share them with you all =). Besides new places, I will also post some of my fave places that are worth to try.

For those of you who has been following the previous natakata journey, welcome back, I promise I won’t disappoint you again with lack of entries =)… That’s why don’t be shy, show some love, drop me a note, encourage me to write on.

Until then, enjoy. Be inspired.


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Every restaurant is a theatre..

“Every restaurant is a theatre, and the truly great ones allow us to indulge in the fantasy that we are rich and powerful. Even the modest restaurants offer the opportunity to become someone else, at least for a little while. Restaurants free us from mundane reality; that is part of their charm. When you walk through the door, you are entering neutral territory where you are free to be whoever you choose for the duration of the meal.”

Garlic and Sapphires- Ruth Reichl

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Plush leather chair

A plush leather chair is always nice to sink in when enjoying long novels, especially one that is deeply seated and full of personality like this ‘Archibald’ armchair by Jean-Marie Massaud. But be warned: the thick leather that embrace you might lure you into sleep after only a few pages.

Archibald Chair

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The beauty of blackness of the night

“The blackness he woke to on those nights was sightless and impenetrable. A blackness to hurt your ears with listening. Often he had to get up. No sound but the wind in the bare and blackened trees. He rose and stood tottering in that cold autistic dark with his arms outheld for balance while the vestibular calculations in his skull cranked cut their reckonings. Something nameless in the nights, lode or matrix. Like the great pendulum in its rotunda scribing through the long day movements of the universe of which you may say it knows nothing and yet know it must.”

The Road- Cormac Mc Carthy

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