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Typographic Sculptures

I found an artwork that perfectly combines my two greatest passion: sculpture and literature in an art form called Typographic Sculpture. Taking inspiration from old signage letters, vintage letterpress printing type, the artist, June Corley, who is also an art director and graphic designer, cleverly crafted these animated sculptures. What I like even more is that these sculptures have friendly faces that warm your heart. View more of her work here


typo sculpture 2


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Compilation of Contemporary Indonesian Sculptures


Finally… I have set up an online photo album showcasing the sculpture works by Indonesian artists.. most of the works are contemporary sculptures, taken from exhibitions and art books.

Clink on the below picture to get you there.

13 king cutter by Nus Salomo

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My fave works from Ekspansi sculpture exhibition

It is not very often to find a big scale sculpture exhibition, that’s why when I heard about this contemporary sculpture event titled ‘Ekspansi’ held at Galeri Nasional, I wouldn’t miss it! Showcasing over 100 artist’ works, it was quite a refreshing and eye-opening event. The opening night was held on July 14th 2011 and it was packed! It’s nice to see that people are still excited to explore on sculptures. The exhibition runs until July 24th 2011. Do drop by and show some support. Guaranteed you’ll have a good time.

Here are few of my fave works:

1. Glow in the Dark by Yani Halim

Material: painted fiberglass

Somehow I like the simplicity of the form, and the nice turquoise blue. The placement of the lighting is playful but yet still appropriate.

2.Speed by Ketut Winata

Material: stainless steel and bronze

I always admire figure sculpture with nice proportion and expression. The craftmanship of this work is also very well done, resulting a very strong yet elegant work.

3. Tarian Daun by Nyoman Nuarta

Nyoman Nuarta’s work never cease to amaze us with clever use of brass, steel wire, copper, melding them into a beautiful, intricate yet graceful images.

4. Untitled by Jompet

I like how Jompet’s work is always creative, fun, out of the box yet still have a deep meaning and carefully assembled. Rather than trying to put too many elements in one work, I appreciate artists who can carefully choose each necessary materials. Sometimes, simplicity speaks for itself.

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