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Breathing sculpture by Jane Echelmean


Next time you arrive at San Fransisco International Airport, esp in T2, don’t forget to take a few moment to admire this breathing sculpture by Jane Echelmean. You’re lucky if you got to witness it at night, coz you get to see the beautiful kaleidoscope of moving web… I haven’t seen it myself yet, but from the video, it’s already very amazing…. If you live too far to see the sculptures, take a look at the video, it’s very inspiring… I love stories about ordinary people who creates extraordinary things, from ordinary materials (of course combines with technologies, but the core idea is very genuine! It’s something that will make you think “why did I never think about that?”

And now, why does it called a “breathing sculpture” Read on the excerpt from her website

“During the day, sun streams through the skylights to cast real shadows that interplay with the fictional shadows in the floor. At night, the artist’s program of colored lighting makes the sculpture glow from indigo to purple, magenta to red-orange. Computer-programmed mechanized air-flow animates the fluidly-moving sculpture at different intervals throughout the day, as if the wind could magically flow through solid walls.”

To learn more about the artist, or to see more of her wonderful works, go to her website


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