Funky Tshirts and Knick Knacks at Kedai Kebun Cafe

Another funky destination to visit  in Jogja to have some snacks and get some local artist-made clothing is Kedai Kebun Cafe. Grab some Tshirts for souvenirs (or for yourself), each has quirky designs with affordable prices! They also sell handmade toys and knick-knacks.

Kedai Kebun Cafe

3 Jalan Tirtodipuran


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Jogja Batik bookmarks and journals

One thing I always look for when traveling abroad is… bookmarks! Especially the handmade ones… On a recent trip to Jogja, I found these wonderful batik handmade stationeries at Viavia Traveller’s cafe, adjacent to the restaurant. These bookmarks only cost 5.000rupiahs each, around 60cents! and the handmade journal is around 10.000-30.000rupiahs each (USD 1-USD3.50)

batik bookmark

batik journal

handmade plush keychain

Viavia Traveler’s Cafe

Jl. Prawirotaman 30 Jogjakarta Indonesia

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Tissue paper and wire sculpture

Just how amazing are these paper and wire sculptures by Polyscene are?



Egyptian man Bird

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Easy DIY feather pen

This DIY feather pen project from my fave blog, Design Sponge is just awesome!! And it is surprisingly easy to make, just follow the instruction here. I think it’ll make a pretty gift inserted in birthday cards or even christmas cards!

What you’ll need is only:

  • computer and printer
  • paper and envelopes
  • feathers
  • short pen ink refills
  • RIT dye
  • scissors

DIY feather pen





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Fifty Classic Choices

As a commemoration of their half decade celebration, Penguin Modern Classic recently produced 50 printed mini modern classics, all in modern grey covers with black and white fonts. I think these series will make a handsome gift for just about anyone.. Classic and Small are definitely my fave combinations!

penguin modern classic

Cute promotional video too, click here to play!

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Typographic Sculptures

I found an artwork that perfectly combines my two greatest passion: sculpture and literature in an art form called Typographic Sculpture. Taking inspiration from old signage letters, vintage letterpress printing type, the artist, June Corley, who is also an art director and graphic designer, cleverly crafted these animated sculptures. What I like even more is that these sculptures have friendly faces that warm your heart. View more of her work here


typo sculpture 2

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You are not a gadget

You Are Not a GadgetYou Are Not a Gadget by Jaron Lanier

Love the title… a great reminder of why we should be able to detach ourselves from technologies once in a while. Just like a book which can be worn out, dusty or even torn, humanity is a fragile soul that can’t be replace by any man-mad machine.

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