So you wanna be a writer? Then live first, write later.

“Life itself is the determining factor.

Writing is the fruit of life.

Life isn’t the fruit of writing.

A great writer doesn’t try to find something to write about, he only writes when he has to.

Many people lacked something as fundamental as experience of life. It’s post-modern misconception that you can write first and live later. But many young people want to become writers mainly because they want to live like writers. You must live first, and then decide if you have something to say afterwards.”

Although this is a fictional book, but I learned so much about writing from the author. Here are some other helpful notes:

1. Don’t hurry doing your writings

2. Be a good craftsmen and wordsmiths.

3. Have the serenity of mind to sit down and work on a single novel or two, in three or even four years, with great pleasures and enjoyment.

4. Loves to embroidery with language, doing intimate character descriptions and dwelling on all the characters’ sensual perceptions.

Book: The Ringmaster’s Daughter

Author: Jostein Gaarder



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3 responses to “So you wanna be a writer? Then live first, write later.

  1. kimatsafkhet

    That sounds like I need to read that book! Thank you for the summary; I had actually picked it up and put it back down before… Years ago, I found Gaarder’s writing a bit cumbersome – would you say, this one is?

    • Thank you for liking my review! This book is not at all heavy! Well compared to Sophie’s World.. I like this one much better… Yes it’s true this book is a bit too ‘filling’ to be digest at one time.. but it’s a really unique and brilliant book… I think I enjoy this book more in smaller servings rather in one go.. give it a try, you won’t regret it =).

  2. kimatsafkhet

    Thank you, Natasastra, I will 🙂

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