Storm, the Fashionista Paradise

Storm / 1110 Copenhagen

This very hip boutique is the city’s high fashion centerpiece, with everything from Dior Homme, Dries van Noten, Visvim to Kitsuné, all carefully curated and displayed. No wonder it was once awarded as “best retail space” in 2008 by Dansk Fashion Award and has been the most sought address among stylists, photographers and other movers and shakers in the fashion industry. After scouting many hip boutiques in this city in search for a Han Kjøbenhavn handmade specs, I shouldn’t be surprised when I finally found them here. Inspired by 1950’s luxurious eyewear, this hard-to-find items come in sunglasses or normal frames. As a big fan of fresh, unique and extraordinary perfume, I was delighted to find a Byredo Palermo perfume which is perfect for warmer climate with its Bergamott and rose hints.

Despite the name, you will feel calm with Storm' fresh and clean interior

Byredo Palermo perfume with Bergamott and rose hints

Hard-to-find-elsewhere Han Kjobenhavn eyewear

Very artsy graphic pattern dress

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