rebirth of natakata

Welcome back, creative world…

Breathing a new life into natakata…. As much as I love to dedicate this blog for literature, but I have decided to journal my other interests that have been keeping me busy. For easier navigation, here’s what you can find from each menu:

-Books: book reviews, bookshops visit (my fave part!), inspiring paragraphs, eye-catching stationeries

-Sculpture: As a beginner in sculpting, i will record my journey here, along with inspiring sculpture from all around the world, museum and exhibition visit.

-Retails: Shops that I admire not only for their collections, but also from their interiors and window displays.

-Eatery: Since I have the habit of scouting new restaurants, why not share them with you all =). Besides new places, I will also post some of my fave places that are worth to try.

For those of you who has been following the previous natakata journey, welcome back, I promise I won’t disappoint you again with lack of entries =)… That’s why don’t be shy, show some love, drop me a note, encourage me to write on.

Until then, enjoy. Be inspired.


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2 responses to “rebirth of natakata

  1. Aryo

    Awesome blog entries.. Really enjoy the subject of your writings! Keep it up! =)

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