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Eko (space) Nugroho ltd edition book launching


Images from the latest Eko Nugroho’s work during the book launching at Ark Gallery, July 29th 2011. The book features Eko’s work and limited to 150 pcs, each with different cover and autograph on the back.

Eko (space) Nugroho 150-pcs Limited Edition book

Eko radio!

The uber cute Eko toys!

Eko clock

Eko movie

Dibenturkan Agama, AOC, 200cmx150cm,2010

Kecerdasan Berbuah Kerakusan, Generasi Monoton, Demokrasi dalam Mulut Harimau

eko sculpture

Dilema Generasi Sawi,fiber painted w oil and acrylic, stainless steel, 2011


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A shorter journey to witness the great Terraccota Warrior

Apparently, my obsession to see the Terraccota Warrior can come true since I only need to make travel to Singapore instead of China now. The exhibition will be held in Asian Civilisations Museums, Singapore from now until October 16th 2011, showcasing over 100 objects! I am still halfway reading the book and my amazement still hasn’t ceased on the concept and determination of one man to build such terraccota empire. I will post the synopsis of the book soon.

terraccota warrior

terraccota warrior

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Penang’s Addresses to Check Out

Some interesting places in Penang that caught my attention from Destinasian Jul11 edition:

1. Kopi Cine
55 Stewart Lane
An inviting open air cafe to enjoy freshly baked meat pies, bbq chicken and salad.

2. Ecco
402 Chulia St (next to Kopi Cine)
For homemade pasta, rustic country style pizza.

3. That Little Wine Bar
54 Chow Thye Rd
Located in a 1930 duplex, get a bottle of wine to pair with tapas.

Arts and Shops:
1. Fuan Wong Gallery
88 Armenian St
For stained and fused glass work, photographer’s work, molded and hand beaten jewelry.

2. Entrepot
Transfer Rd
A gift shop in Hotel Penaga that carries assorted knick knacks

3. Kedai Antik
Chulia St No. 443
A shoe box sized store with many treasures

4. Studio at Straits
86 Armenian St, upstair from Bon Ton
New works by Malaysian artists

5. Gallery 29
29 China St
On the ground floor of an Art Deco building.

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When technology meets handcrafted beauty

Full of story-Ipad2 Case

For only USD40, I think this ipad case is an ideal gift for someone who refuse to own an ipad at first because of a sentimental value of a book, but secretly find joy using it (like me! there I admit it!) Te exterior is crafted from original book binding and heavy duty band is used to ensure a secure fit of the ipad. Just click this link to order

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Good things are hard to find (and pronounce), like Lagkagehuset

Lagkagehuset / Frederiksborggade 6/ Kobenhavn

When you found a review that says ‘best bakery in town for sandwich and cake’ sometimes it won’t be harm to believe it and judge it yourself. Just like what I did in Lagkagehuset, which on any given day, you will never able to find if not on purpose. Located inside the Copenhagen Tourist Office across the famous Tivoli park, the café doesn’t seem like a destination for a bite of sweet. Even the seating are limited, only a narrow table filled with people reading newspaper and enjoying min-afternoon snack. One tip of advice, don’t bother with your dictionary to translate the meaning of the cakes; Christiamshavnerkage, Kanel crème or Chokoladekage, go with your guts and choose anything that make your mouth waters. Although the price doesn’t come cheap, around DKR 25-DKR 64 per cake, but the taste of the cakes won’t fail to impress you.

Don't bother trying to pronounce the names, just choose the eye-catching one!

Very tiny cakeshop with big (mouthwatering) selections

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Compilation of Contemporary Indonesian Sculptures


Finally… I have set up an online photo album showcasing the sculpture works by Indonesian artists.. most of the works are contemporary sculptures, taken from exhibitions and art books.

Clink on the below picture to get you there.

13 king cutter by Nus Salomo

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The Mysterious Beauty of Ivan Grundahl

Ivan Grundahl / Niels Hemmingsens Gade 4 / 1153 Kobenhavn

It is quite rare to find a designer who can use a palette of dark muted colors such as black, grey and beige cleverly, and Ivan Grundhal is one of them. Playing with only black and grey, with careful layering of asymmetrical lines and uneven silhouettes, each of his collection is very avant garde with a mysterious aura. Although he already has 3 boutiques located in Denmark. Norway and New York, but his first shop was opened in Niels Hemmingsens Gade 1982, which surely you don’t wanna miss. What I especially like about his collection is each items are like an investment that you can keep on wear and layer, never out of season.

Ivan Grundahl avant-garde collection

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