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Most popular bookcase system

At first glance this bookcase seems like an ordinary bookcase that you often finds everywhere. But actually, this style of bookcase first created by Mogens Koch Bookcase System 1928 by Rud Rasmussen’s Joineries in Copenhagen. This modular bookcase system has been done by the company for 75 years, available in mahogany, oak or European cherrywood. It is claimed as the most copied bookcase system in the world, thanks to its simple and elegant lines. It is the Levi’s of all bookcases!

Mogens Koch bookcase system


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A book-theme hotel, yes it does exist!

Now, this is a kind of sanctuary for book lovers : a book -themed hotel in East Berlin named Michelberger Hotel. And what’s even better is that it’s a budget hotel! Which means you don’t have to spend a fortunate to visit AND stay here! They don’t call this ‘book hotel’ for nothing: The evident is apparent throughout the whimsical furniture: the lampshades which are made from 1960s & 70s German travel books, full-covered magazine on the bedroom walls, and practically, almost on any corner imaginable. Now my concern is, will I ever be able to leave the hotel if it covers from floor to ceiling with books like this?



Michelberger Hotel
Warschauer Straße 39/40 10243 Berlin

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